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157 Glynne St, Farnworth,

Bolton, BL4 7DQ

Pay Weekly or Monthly

No Credit Checks, No Interest!

Pay just £20 per week or £80 per month!

Please Note: The Standard Delivery fee is £59.99 payable on or before Delivery!

Please Note: We have other finance options available from £15 Deposit, Please ask for details.

Single Bed & Mattress

28 Weeks @ £20 per week

7 Months @ £80 per month

Double Bed & Mattress

32 Weeks @ £20 per week

8 Months @ £80 per month

Kingsize Bed & Mattress

36 Weeks @ £20 per week

9 Months @ £80 per month

All Our Beds are made to order giving you choice of Colour & Material

Divan Bed & Mattress

K.G.N Bed & Mattress

Glitter Bed & Mattress

Whitehall Bed & Mattress

Florida Bed & Mattress

Bow Bed & Mattress

Rome Bed & Mattress

Richlog Bed & Mattress

Abundance Bed & Mattress

(This Bed is not availble through our Easy Pay Credit!)

Looking for something more elegant?

We can offer a wider selection of beds & Mattresses through are 3rd party finance partners.

Learn More below or ask for more details...